Scientists Seek to Prove Existence of Antimatter

by Rachel Baker on December 2, 2013

Scientists are racing to prove whether or not antimatter exists. If it does exist, it could change the theory of physics, as well as our understanding of the universe.

It is the stuff of Star Trek and science fiction, a special force that allows the Enterprise to propel between stars without using any fuel at all.

But now scientists believe they may have come one step closer to investigating antimatter and the theory that it is capable of moving against gravity.

Physicists at Cern are using a special magnetic flask at the European particle physics centre to produce and store atoms of antihydrogen, or antimatter.

The Cern team plan to slowly turn off the magnetic field and see if the atoms fall up or down. If they go up, instead of down with gravity, they will have found new gravitational properties of antimatter and the entire theory of physics could be transformed.

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