Sriracha Plant Being Sued over Toxic Fumes

by Rachel Baker on October 30, 2013

Sriracha, the wildly popular hot sauce, may find itself in a bit of legal trouble due to the allergies people have to roasting/cooking chilis. Based on personal experience, this same complaint occurs on a lesser scale in Albuquerque, NM during October due to the hatch chili roasters at every gardening store, farmers market and festival.

Just days after Los Angeles held its first ever Sriracha festival, the company’s been sued by the city that houses its 600,000-square-foot processing plant. In a public nuisance complaint filed in Los Angeles Superior Court, the city of Irwindale is requesting that the plant halt production of the beloved Asian hot sauce until it can figure out what do so about the strong chili smell emanating from it.

The smell isn’t just unpleasant, but may be threatening public health, reports the Los Angeles Times.

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