Take Care this Holiday Season when Opening Attachments for Tracking Notices

by Rachel Baker on December 3, 2013

A group of hackers have begun to send out phony emails from UPS and FedEx that look like legitimate tracking notices. If you open them, they then encrypt all your files and charge you ransom in bitcoins.

US-CERT is aware of a malware campaign that surfaced in 2013 and is associated with an increasing number of ransomware infections. CryptoLocker is a new variant of ransomware that restricts access to infected computers and demands the victim provide a payment to the attackers in order to decrypt and recover their files. As of this time, the primary means of infection appears to be phishing emails containing malicious attachments.

CryptoLocker appears to have been spreading through fake emails designed to mimic the look of legitimate businesses and through phony FedEx and UPS tracking notices. In addition, there have been reports that some victims saw the malware appear following after a previous infection from one of several botnets frequently leveraged in the cyber-criminal underground.

The Alert from the United States Computer Emergency Readiness Team

A story from businessinsider.comn – CryptoLocker Ransom in Bitcoins

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