The Dangers of Superfoods

by Rachel Baker on April 10, 2014

Here’s a very interesting article about foods that have been deemed “superfoods”.

The irrigation of colons and flushing of kidneys with $10 (and typically green) juice concoctions are as dubious as they are ubiquitous, so the Wall Street Journal and Slate — to name merely two examples — took a hatchet to some of the juicers’ more grandiose health claims. In January, it was kale’s turn. A New York Times story highlighted a potential link between the trendy leafy green and hypothyroidism, fueling a flurry of concern (and some predictable outrage) from kale evangelists.

So are we being slowly killed by kale?

Well, not exactly. This is, alas, the typical superfood debate cycle: consumer curiosity, followed by claims of miracle nutritional properties, and the inevitable warning that too much of said superfood is super dangerous. Take the Daily Mail’s predictably hyperbolic headline from earlier this week: “Why so-called ‘superfoods’ could be BAD for you: Nutritionist says kale can send your thyroid haywire and quinoa irritates the gut.”

Read the whole article here:

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