The Poop is Hitting the Fan

by Rachel Baker on December 4, 2013

Some Organic farmers are concerned about the new FDA overhaul of food safety regulations – particularly those that relate to the use of animal manure.

The agency is proposing new national food safety rules. If those rules are enacted, when farmers spread raw manure on a field, they won’t be allowed to harvest any crops from that field for the next nine months. (This applies only to crops that people eat raw, such as carrots or lettuce.)

The rules don’t cover the smallest farms. They apply to farms with more than half a million dollars in annual sales, or which supply food to supermarkets.

But that includes Crawford’s farm.

He already follows the organic rules; he doesn’t harvest crops within four months of spreading manure. But having to wait nine months — longer than a growing season — would completely disrupt his operations. “We wouldn’t even be able to function,” he says.

There is an alternative: composted manure. The heat from composting kills disease-causing microbes. But Crawford says compost would cost him anywhere from three to six times more than manure. And he just doesn’t see why he should have to switch, because he doesn’t believe that what he does now is at all risky.
Feeding the chickens at New Morning Farm.

“No one’s ever been sickened by anything we’ve grown, in probably millions of transactions between us and our customers over 40 years,” he says. Crawford sells most of his food at farmers markets in Washington, D.C.Yet organic farmers are not united in their opposition to the FDA regulations. There’s a divide between large and small producers.

and here’s the FSMA (Food Safety MOdernization Act) proposed rule for produce safety by the FDA (Food and Drug Administration):

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