The Star Trek Tricorder: Closer to Reality than No Man has Ever Gone Before

by Rachel Baker on November 12, 2013

Scanadu Scout has created the equivalent to what we know as a Tricorder from Star Trek. Obviously, it looks different, but Holy Bones! – the company is planning to start clinical trials in 2014.

In July, the Scanadu Scout raised $1.37 million, way above its $100,000 target, on crowdfunding platform Indiegogo. In the process, it became the highest-funded campaign in the site’s history. What made it so attractive is was its simplicity—and the fact that nothing like it exists.

The Scanadu Scout promises to allow you to keep tabs on your (or someone else’s) health. A small, hockey-puck-shaped device, it works through bodily contact. Hold it to your forehead and it displays, via a smartphone, your temperature, heart rate, blood pressure and plenty more.

Today, the company announced that it has raised a further $10.5 million in venture capital funding. More importantly, it said it will start clinical trials in early 2014, an important step on the way to being approved by America’s Food and Drug Administration (FDA). If the FDA gives its blessing, doctors will be able to accept readings from the Scout. That means they could, for instance, perform a check-up in some cases without a patient having to visit, and have more information to work with.

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