There Is A National Voting Machine Crisis And It’s Affecting Elections

by Rachel Baker on September 15, 2015

Call me crazy, but how many lawsuits will there be because of voting machine failure by one party or the other?

The funding to replace these antiquated machines isn’t available; and one can’t help but wonder when looking at the map in the article if the lack of funding isn’t by design.

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The National Voting Machine Crisis Is Upon Us — And It’s Affecting Elections

The experience of showing up at a polling place, only to discover that one or more of the voting machines are broken, is all too common for American voters. And episodes of election dysfunction are likely to become even more frequent as these machines reach and exceed their life expectancies.

A new report from Lawrence Norden and Christopher Famighetti of the Brennan Center for Justice at New York University highlights some alarming statistics regarding the nation’s aging machines, which are supposed to be replaced every 10 to 15 years. In 2016, for example, 43 states will use machines that are at least a decade old. The researchers also found that election officials in more than 30 states want to buy new machines, but that officials in at least 22 of those states don’t know where they would get the funds to do so.

“We’re at a point where these machines need to be replaced, but at the same time the message doesn’t seem to have gotten through to anybody who is responsible for funding the machines, and that’s what’s scary,” said Norden, who is the deputy director of the center’s Democracy Program.

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