Things You Didn’t Know About Chipotle

by Rachel Baker on February 7, 2014

Chipotle is one of places that almost every one has eaten at at least once, right? Well, here’s some really cool facts you probably didn’t know. Oh and…Right on, Jason Marz!

How can you have eaten at Chipotle so many times and yet still have so much to learn about the popular Mexican grill? For example, did you know there’s an exclusive customer rewards program that people go crazy over, or that a popular singer-songwriter supplies the chain with 30,000 pounds of avocados every year?

If you are a true fan of the greatest burrito mill on Earth, read on so you can drop some knowledge on your friends the next time you go. Sure, nothing can replace your local Mexican restaurant. And while Chipotle’s ads have been criticized for skirting around some details, the chain does appear to be making an effort toward quality and sustainability. Perhaps it’s not a surprise then that their delicious food prompts some obsessive fandom, but it is a little more shocking that so few people know:

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