This November, Rich Suburbs Can’t Save Democrats

by Rachel Baker on April 2, 2014

Below is a really interesting article from about the Democrats chances of winning this November. As with every off election year, the lower-income demographic will be the ones that will make or break the Dems, and yet, it seems the Dems might be banking on the upper-income demographic that won them Virginia last fall when Terry McAuliffe beat Ken Cuccinelli.

If you are interested in politics, either side of the spectrum, this is worth reading…and not because if you are a Republican its nice to see Dems flounder. Its worth reading because both sides make stupid errors in thinking they can win an electorate they can’t, or ‘cracked the code’ for a certain demographic without totally and completely understanding why it was said demographic actually voted the way they did.

Remember “Super Zips,” the hyper-educated, mega-wealthy, mostly white ZIP codes uniquely prevalent in Northern Virginia’s booming suburbs? It turns out these elite, business-minded locales helped McAuliffe win, revolting against the October government shutdown and Cuccinelli’s reputation as a puritanical crusader. However, by bailing out McAuliffe, they masked Democrats’ turnout drop-off elsewhere in the commonwealth.

In other words, Virginia’s Super Zips were a false oasis. The rest of the country has far fewer such areas, and Democrats don’t have the luxury of running against Ken Cuccinelli in most races. Democrats can’t hope to copy Virginia and enjoy similar success elsewhere in 2014.

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