This week in science: Games and … BRAINS!

by Rachel Baker on October 25, 2014

This is a pretty clever article roundup from the Daily Kos celebrating the wonderous, glorious week before Halloween.

I loved it, I posted it.

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Happy upcoming Halloween, guys and ghouls! There are many creepy-crawlies that go bump in the night. Some man-made, some man-made-up; some all too real. On the latter, sure the Brazilian wandering spider is an unwelcome sight, some of its ancient, giant relatives, especially the Eurypterida, were even larger. But if you want to see something totally extant and really scary, check out this newly discovered bad-ass mama. And remember tonight, as you’re drifting off peacefully, she’s so creepy that you might hear her and even feel her, before you see her:

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