Two Gamers Aim To Transform Hospital Performance Evaluation

by Rachel Baker on March 10, 2014

File this under the Gamers doing AWESOME things!

Key evidence suggests that as hospital systems in the US reach a crisis point – involving the transition to value-based purchasing and tying Medicare and Medicaid dollars to performance – quality of care must improve. In many ways hospital employees have become the most important piece of the puzzle to improve efficiency, lower costs and improve outcomes. Disengaged employees in the US who turnover, for example, are estimated to cost as much as $11 billion annually due to lost productivity and poor results. As hospital leadership faces a new domain of uncertainty and demands, and must use innovative technologies to better understand and improve engagement and performance of employees, two gamers think they have the answer: real-time evaluation, fun gaming interaction and a culture of positive reinforcement. The team at AMPT Health is gambling that their new SaaS solution will revolutionize performance evaluation. In the words of CEO Clint Carlos, “AMPT’s mission is to enrich the lives of patients by keeping health care workers happy and productive.” And they believe they can.

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