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by Rachel Baker on November 11, 2013

Today is Veterans Day. Join IAVA (Iraq and Afghanistan Veterans of America) in honoring our nations veterans at events nationwide: Veterans and supporters who can’t make an event in person, can show support by joining the march online by using the hashtag #UniteWithVets on Twitter, Tumblr, Instagram and Facebook.

Veterans Day: ‘America’s Parade’ honors women’s roles in armed services
The 2013 Veterans Day Parade on Monday will honor all our nation’s heroes in the armed services, with a special salute to women in uniform. “Patriotic women are in roles which were, in the past, restricted to men only,” said Pat Gualtieri, executive director of the United War Veterans Council, which organizes the parade. “Women now are in the infantry, fighter pilots and performing admirably on posts our past veterans would not have conceived,” he said. More than 200 groups encompassing 20,000 people will march. The contingents include bands, floats, veterans of every generation and youth groups. | NY Daily News >>

The changing face of Veterans Day
Veterans Day in America is traditionally a time to look back, but the new generation of veterans wants to remind people the country also must look forward. As they return home after more than a decade of war in Iraq and Afghanistan, younger veterans argue that the holiday can’t just be about wreaths on gravestones at national cemeteries, parades or celebrations in the basement at the Veterans of Foreign Wars post. They say Veterans Day must not only be about aged veterans in wheelchairs but about men and women in their twenties and thirties, some of whom returned from combat with lives marked by deep wounds — some of which are invisible. | Politico >> (Subscription Required)

Veterans share one thing they want you to know about military service
Life in the military “damn sure isn’t how Hollywood portrays it,” says retired Master Sgt. Mike Butler, who served in the Army for 21 years. So what is it like? This Veterans Day, CNN would like to honor veterans by giving them a space to share their stories and tell us what it’s really like to serve their country. We invited them to share their answers to one simple question: What one thing do you wish civilians knew about military service? | CNN >>

You’ve heard of Veterans Day deals. Well, there’s one special offer — access to an online tool to help the nation’s military maximize their Social Security benefits — that could put more money in the pockets of veterans. But it’s free on Nov. 11 only. The Social Security Administration’s Web site is pretty user-friendly, and you can get a lot of free information about the options for collecting benefits. However, you won’t get specific advice on what you should do. | Washington Post >>

The U.S. Postal Service is set to release stamps commemorating World War II Medal of Honor recipients during a First-Day-of-issue dedication ceremony on Veterans Day at the National World War II Memorial in Washington, D.C. The Forever First Class Mail stamps, priced at 46 cents, will pay tribute to the 464 recipients of this highest of all military honors. | My Desert >>

Monday, Nov. 11, is Veterans Day, and tens of thousands are expected to line the streets of 5th Avenue in New York City for the city’s annual Veterans Day Parade. Produced by the United Veterans War Council and dubbed “America’s Parade,” it’s the largest veterans event in the country. | Business Insider >>

The headlines have irritated and outraged veterans and service members and their families around the world. “Tom Cruise: making movies is like serving in Afghanistan,” said one of the headlines buzzing around social media and patriotic websites this weekend. One problem: that’s not quite what he said. I normally don’t pay much attention to this kind of story, but on this Veterans Day weekend a lot of veterans and their families have expressed outrage to me about this quote. So I looked into it. | CNN >>


Army veteran Walter Nagel III knows he has a $10 million business. All he needs about $100,000 to get it started. “It’s tough to get that,” the 39-year-old said. “You can never reach a venture capitalist unless another is interested in you.” | Stars and Stripes >>

On a recent fall night, an unusual mix gathered at DANY Studios in Manhattan: A line of professional dancers warmed up while a handful of war veterans hesitantly followed along. It was just the sort of seemingly incongruous collection that Roman Baca seeks to create and, as both a former Marine and classically trained dancer, one that he embodies.. | CBS News >>

With Veterans Day at hand, it’s useful to remember that the entertainment industry and the nation’s armed forces long have had a fruitful partnership. Notable servicemen such as Frank Capra and Clark Gable have shot educational films for the War Dept., and celebrities including Bob Hope, Judy Garland and Humphrey Bogart performed for the troops with the USO. But today’s Hollywood is also uniting with the military in a different way — one that focuses less on entertaining active enlistees than on finding jobs for vets transitioning out of the service. | Variety >>

The country’s newest generation of veterans — the 2 million Americans who served honorably in Iraq and Afghanistan — is eager for meaningful civilian work. But misconceptions about veterans often prevent them from getting a fair shake to put their skills to work, achieve their potential and contribute fully to the nation’s economy. | LA Times >>,0,6080062.story#axzz2kDktHQrN?org=403&lvl=100&ite=7981&lea=3546585&ctr=0&par=1


President Barack Obama used the coming of Veteran’s Day to thank military vets Saturday and push administration efforts to ease their transition back into society. “Now that more of them are coming home, we need to serve them as well as they served us,” Obama said in his weekly address. “That requires more than a simple ‘thank you’ – especially from those of us who’ve been elected to serve.” Serving veterans, Obama said, is largely about ensuring they have jobs when they return to civilian life. | CNN >>

Five years after lawmakers expanded the GI Bill, the Department of Veterans Affairs has identified the one millionth veteran to use the educational benefit to attend school after military service. | >>

As the nation enters the three-day holiday weekend that marks Veterans Day, Congress is considering legislation to make the Department of Veterans Affairs shutdown-proof. Lawmakers want to insulate veterans benefits from the next — and almost inevitable — budget deadlock. Democrat and Chronicle >>

Capt. Eric K. Shinseki was in pain and a sedative-induced fog when a trauma nurse spoke to him at an Army evacuation hospital in 1970 in Da Nang, Vietnam. He’d been helicoptered there for emergency surgery after tripping a land mine that blew off half his foot. | Washington Post >>

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