Why the Government Must Support the Church of the Flying Spaghetti Monster

by Rachel Baker on November 25, 2014

This is a phenomenal background article about why during the holiday season, governments must support every religion, no matter how bizarre.

And really, if you have a problem with the Satanic Temple or the Church of the Flying Spaghetti Monster making their own public displays of faith alongside your Christian views, then maybe…just maybe you should think about why a conservative Supreme Court would deem the displays as constitutional. Hint: Its one of those inalienable rights in our constitution that stemmed from the reason why our immigrant ancestors came to the New Land of America. You know which one I mean…that whole not-wanting-to-have-someone-dictate-what-religious-beliefs-we-ascribed-to thing.

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The Satanic Temple is in a battle with the state of Florida. Last holiday season, the Department of Management Services, an arm of the state government, allowed religious groups to construct displays of faith in the central rotunda of Florida’s infamous Capitol Building. First a Christian group erected a nativity scene that endorsed Christianity. Then an atheist group hung a winter solstice banner celebrating the Bill of Rights and freedom from religion. Inspired, another atheist built a Festivus pole made of beer cans, and the Church of the Flying Spaghetti Monster added a small pile of holy noodles to the capitol’s halls.

Under current First Amendment law, the capitol had no ability to turn down any of these groups; once the government opened the door to one religion, it had to let them all in. But when the Satanic Temple applied to erect a display featuring an angel falling into a pit of fire, officials turned it down. The display, they explained, was “grossly offensive during the holiday season,” and was barred from display in the capitol. Now, with Christmas around the corner, the temple is reapplying, asserting its constitutional right to include its display alongside the others. And this time, it’s bringing a legal team.

How did the Florida Capitol, the symbol of the state’s exceedingly conservative governor and legislature, become the center of a constitutional showdown launched by Satanists? Surprisingly, the fault lies squarely with the Supreme Court’s most conservative justices. In their quest to let the government endorse and sponsor mainstream religion, they accidentally granted groups like the Pastafarians a constitutional right to force the government to advertise their beliefs.

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