The Meaning of Serena Williams

September 4, 2015 news

Just read this. Its powerful and important. Read the Full article: The Meaning of Serena Williams: On tennis and black excellence. The word ‘‘win’’ finds its roots in both joy and grace. Serena’s grace comes because she won’t be forced into stillness; she won’t accept those racist projections onto her body without speaking back; she […]

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Million Veteran Program data spurs research in Diabetes, Cancer and PTSD

September 4, 2015 health

A team of Vanderbilt and Nashville VA researchers have been awarded a VA grant to conduct diabetes and cancer research using the Million Veteran Program data. It will be exciting to see what innovations they can make towards the understanding and treatment of diabetes and cancer. Read the Full article: Million Veteran Program data spurs […]

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Reshaping Florida Politics – Again

August 25, 2015 news

Today marks the first hearing for Leon County Circuit Court Judge Terry Lewis on redrawing the congressional map of Florida. Here is an article from two days ago by the Miami Herald that discusses the 1992 redrawing and how it affected the state politics. If nothing else, this is an interesting and important read if […]

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A History of the Republican Love Affair with Planned Parenthood

August 25, 2015 health

Regardless of your personal politics, its important to understand the history of the issues (real or perceived) in an election season. Frankly, considering the vitriol surrounding Planned Parenthood throughout my lifetime, I was stunned to find out Planned Parenthood was originally a Republican established organization. One has to ask, how much of actual criticism surrounding […]

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A Book that will Clean Water

August 25, 2015 environment

This is an amazing break-through in the quest for providing every man and woman and child clean drinking water in every place around the world. The challenge, I think, will be the cost of getting this to 663 million people in the world who don’t have access to clean water, but this possible solution is […]

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Gloucester Police in Massachusetts are Sending Addicts to Rehab

August 17, 2015 health

The Police Department in Gloucester, Massachusetts is trying a revolutionary approach to decreasing the number of inmates in the prison system while helping addicts get their lives back on track. In response to the success in Gloucester and the incredibly positive public feedback, the Chief and a local businessman have launched the Police Assisted Addiction […]

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Carbs may Contribute to Feeling Depressed

August 16, 2015 food

This article is about the affects Carbs and junk food can have on your state of mind. If you are feeling depressed, try eating healthier – it won’t be the end all be all, but it sure might help you feel a bit better, at least about what you are stuffing in your body. Read […]

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Faith Doesn’t Justify Discrimination

August 16, 2015 news

Here’s an interesting article questioning some of the still very prevalent discriminating practices against women in religion and many faiths. Its interesting and worth your time to ponder – especially if you are an active participant in your religious beliefs (on the day of worship or holidays), but you are not as socially conservative in […]

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President Obama Has Ordered The Construction of The World’s Fastest Supercomputer

August 7, 2015 jobs

Having worked in the High Performance Computing World, this announcement last week is exciting! While it takes a special kind of incredible mind to truly understand the impact this will make on many in the science and engineering and medical communities, it is easy to plow through the press release below and know from a […]

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