Chaser: The World’s Smartest Dog

by Rachel Baker on August 27, 2013

Here’s an article about a dog that apparently is beginning to understand not just words, but actual human sentence structures.

After a minute or two of Chaser scouring the apartment for Fuzzy, John told me to play the hot and cold game.

“Seriously? She understands ‘hot’ and ‘cold’?” I said. “Oh, yes,” said John. As she got closer to Fuzzy, I said “hot, Chaser! You’re getting hot!” She got more excited at this and began more energetically searching around that area. Just in case, she turned around briefly. “Cold, Chaser!” I said. She quickly turned back around, and within a few seconds had triumphantly located Fuzzy. She clawed him out from my unfairly difficult hiding place and looked up at me, eyes round, tail wagging, ears extended straight upward. “Good girl!” I said, before wondering how old a human child has to be before being able to accomplish that task.

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