US-Born Jains Make Their Ascetic Faith Work

by Rachel Baker on August 31, 2013

The United States, as we all know, is a melting pot of different world-wide cultures. The NYTimes published an article mid month about how US-born Jains, whose parents or grandparents uphold their religious traditions from their homeland of India, have been able to adapt their religious beliefs to modern life in the United States.

They are expanding the definition of nonviolence to encompass environmentalism, animal rights and corporate business ethics, flocking to veganism, volunteering alongside other faiths and learning to lobby through political internships and youth groups.

“Youth are a lot more interested in learning the why of things instead of just blindly following it,” said Priyal Gandhi, an 18-year-old from northern Virginia. “I don’t think we’ve lost the faith. I think it’s about finding new ways to adapt to it.”

There’s a very interesting video/interview on PBS also:

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