NASA researches Star Trek warp drive for future space travel

by Rachel Baker on August 21, 2013

As Lt. Commander Geordi La Forge once said: Matter-antimatter mixture ratio settings… at optimum balance. Reaction sequence… corresponding to specified norms. Magnetic plasma transfer to warp field generators per program specs. Commander, we should be going like a bat out of hell!

Dr Harold White, a physicist at Nasa’s Johnson Space Centre, is conducting research to create a warp in space and time.

These so called “warp bubbles” could eventually allow spacecraft to at speeds that appear to exceed the speed of light. Essentially the warp creates a fold in the fabric of space and time that allows an object inside to travel a much greater distance in a shorter time.

Dr White claims warp bubbles are theoretically possible and has now begun work to create warp bubbles for the first time in the laboratory.

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