Pee-Wee Leagues More Dangerous than NFL

by Rachel Baker on August 31, 2013

The discussion of concussions a pretty important  conversation to be having when it comes to the health of athletes, but are we overlooking an incredibly vital discussion regarding the health of our young boys who are playing Pee-Wee football?

Dr. Ann McKee, chief neuropathologist at Boston University who testified before a House Judiciary committee on football brain injuries in 2009, explains in the film that “because a young athlete’s brain is still developing, the effects of a concussion, or even many smaller hits over a season, can be far more detrimental, compared to the head injury in an older player.”

One of the film’s most jarring moments comes when Hall of Fame wide receiver Cris Carter declares, “Our best coaches are coaching our best players, and that’s in professional football. Our worst coaches are coaching the most critical position, and that is the 9-, 10-, 11-year-old people.”

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